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Re: [TCML] *Another* gap...

In a message dated 3/28/08 9:12:22 A.M. Eastern Standard Time,  
shobley@xxxxxxxxxx writes:

OK, just  when I thought I'd understood enough to begin construction, I found 
this -  another spark gap across the main cap  here:


What  relation is this to the main gap? 
Same  distance?


Hi Steve,
A few people have used an extra safety gap across their tank cap for added  
protection if the main gap fails to fire. There has been some debate as to  
whether or not this causes more problems with high surge currents in the  cap 
possibly doing more damage if the gap should fire than not having it.  IMO, if 
your safety is properly set, you do not run near resonance, you have a  proper 
voltage margin in your MMC design, and you make sure your connections are  all 
solid, it is not a necessary piece of equipment.
Matt D.

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