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Re: [TCML] *Another* gap...

On Friday 28 March 2008 08:56:07 am Stephen J. Hobley wrote:
> OK, just when I thought I'd understood enough to begin construction, I
> found this - another spark gap across the main cap here:
> http://www.teslamap.com/images/guide/schematic01.gif
> <http://www.teslamap.com/images/guide/schematic01.gif>
> What relation is this to the main gap?
> Same distance?
> Steve
> Stephen Hobley Photography
> www.stephenhobley.com
> 317 201 4281

Hi Steve

Some folks think putting a gap across the tank cap will protect the cap from 
over-voltage. The gap would have to be set to just a little higher firing 
voltage than the main gap.

Some folks believe that such a gap arrangement will result in cap damage in 
the event the extra gap fires, due to excessive current, since the only limit 
to current is the internal resistance/inductance of the cap itself and the 
resistance of the arc in the gap.

If you are using a static gap that is properly set you do not need to worry 
about over-volting the tank cap. If you open the main gap too far, the safety
gaps at the transformer, or Terry filter, will catch it, provided they are 
correctly set. Another option would be to set a safety gap directly across 
the main gap, with no center ground. If for some reason the main gap failed 
to fire, the safety would fire, and the energy would get dumped into the 
primary coil just like it is supposed to. This is the arrangement I use with 
a SRSG. I have a safety gap composed of two copper "spoons" directly across 
the sync rotary.  Works like a champ.

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