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[TCML] RE: two earths on my NST?

Well that is odd looking.  If you know the manufacturer and model number, perhaps their web site may provide some insight.

With an Ohm meter, what is the relationship between these two ground terminals and the two HV terminals?  What is the NST rating?

Typically, the NST ground is not connected to the mains ground.  From your photo, it appears that it is connected to the mains ground?

Regards, Gary Lau

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> Hello,
> My NST (see image 4 here :
> http://www.pupman.com/current/tryckmans/index.html) seems to have two
> earths; one marqued "e" and the other with the usual "T"-like symbol.
> What is the difference, which one should I use to connect to the RF
> ground?
> Many thanks
> Thomas

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