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[TCML] Quenching 4KV

Hello All,


I am going to run the hardware setup (primary , secondary etc ) that I
designed for my next DRSSTC on a MOT supply. I figured the DRSSTC
configuration suits the low voltage high current setup very well and though
I would give it a go just for fun.


I have a very large industrial MOT here that I am going to double the output
from and use that. The cap in the doubler will provide the reactance to
ballast the unit.


My question is on gaps to use for this animal. I have an async rotary here
available but was thinking more along the lines of a mutigap static blown
with air to give the quench. 


Has anyone got experience of running such low voltage and high current? If
so what gap did you use.




Colin Heath


07748 662531


MEC-Solutions Ltd

Engineering Solutions for Industry






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