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[TCML] RE: tesla tuner

No, you don't try to match LED brightness.  The goal is to match the secondary frequency with the primary frequency.  Frequency is indicated by the potentiometer knob setting.  Primary resonance is indicated by minimum in the LED brightness, while secondary resonance is indicated by a peak in brightness.  Since the knob calibration is imprecise despite my best efforts, I have a 2nd output from the 555 pin 6 (pin 3 didn't work for some reason) going to a BNC jack, that I cable to a handheld DMM frequency counter for a definitive readout.

Just be certain to test the primary and secondary circuits separately.  If they couple to each other, it really confuses things.

Regards, Gary Lau

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> Tesla Tuner
> Am I right that if we build this, then we set it on the secondary first
> to get the brightest LED / lowest frequency - then apply it to the
> primary and adjust the tap to get the same brightness on the LED?
> Steve
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