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RE: [TCML] Secondary and Primary Assistance

If someone does this, it would be good to know the
actual brand of the tube tested. Sonotube is a brand
name (like Coke) and there are several competing
products available.

In addition to the Megger (also a brand name), how
about placing it in a microwave to see if it gets hot?


--- "Lau, Gary" <Gary.Lau@xxxxxx> wrote:

> As Scott suggested, I think the most revealing test
> would be to hold a sample of the printed form up to
> a small sparking Tesla coil topload and see if the
> sparks want to surface track on the printed portions
> more-so than the unprinted portions.  A real easy
> test if one has a piece of Sonotube available;
> unfortunately I do not.  I don't know at what
> voltage a Megger (Meager?) operates, but probably
> the closer to actual TC voltages, the better.
> Using what I have, I just held a piece of 4" SDR PVC
> pipe with un-cleaned printing on it, to the sparks
> coming from my bug zapper-powered mini coil
> (http://www.laushaus.com/tesla/bzt_coil.htm ).  I
> was unable to see any effect that the printing had
> to the sparks.  However, when I drew a line with a
> graphite pencil on the PVC, the sparks made a very
> bright surface track along that line.  Similar
> behavior when I sprayed a water mist onto the PVC,
> though not as bright as the graphite.
> If someone has a piece of Sonotube and a small coil
> available, please try that?
> Regards, Gary Lau

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