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Re: [TCML] Secondary and Primary Assistance

A megger is a high voltage (1-5 kV) device that indicates resistance in the
range of 5 to 1,000 megOhms.  Commonly used to check for phase to phase
insulation in large electric motors, Also for checking grounds to an earth
reference.  Standard fare for an industrial electrician which I was in 1961
- 1966 era.

Old fashion units were hand-crank generator type.  New ones are solid state
using IGBTs or MOSFET oscillators to drive a small HV xmfr.

Dr. Resonance

On Sat, Mar 22, 2008 at 1:51 PM, Lau, Gary <Gary.Lau@xxxxxx> wrote:

> As Scott suggested, I think the most revealing test would be to hold a
> sample of the printed form up to a small sparking Tesla coil topload and see
> if the sparks want to surface track on the printed portions more-so than the
> unprinted portions.  A real easy test if one has a piece of Sonotube
> available; unfortunately I do not.  I don't know at what voltage a Megger
> (Meager?) operates, but probably the closer to actual TC voltages, the
> better.
> Using what I have, I just held a piece of 4" SDR PVC pipe with un-cleaned
> printing on it, to the sparks coming from my bug zapper-powered mini coil (
> http://www.laushaus.com/tesla/bzt_coil.htm ).  I was unable to see any
> effect that the printing had to the sparks.  However, when I drew a line
> with a graphite pencil on the PVC, the sparks made a very bright surface
> track along that line.  Similar behavior when I sprayed a water mist onto
> the PVC, though not as bright as the graphite.
> If someone has a piece of Sonotube and a small coil available, please try
> that?
> Regards, Gary Lau
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> > Agreed, hence the questions. It's funny when we say something is
> > conductive. Everything is conductive at some point. It's probably just
> > another one of those areas of being safe rather than sorry. One would
> > need to hipot the ink at a distance and do the same for the non-ink area
> > at the same distance and compare. DC mentioned he used a Meager, so
> > maybe he did something similar to this.
> >
> > Take care,
> > Bart
> >
> > Lau, Gary wrote:
> > > With PVC forms, I remove the printing with Goof-Off solvent, only
> because it's
> > easy to do and enhances the aesthetics.  I think it's important to
> accurately report
> > what we know as fact and with there is to back that up, vs. what we
> assume and
> > just _seems_ reasonable.
> > >
> > > Regards, Gary Lau
> > > MA, USA
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