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Re: [TCML] Giant 13M Eye Candy


That's the funny thing about these huge beasts; they don't look like Tesla coils (yet)!

We ship in just over a week so everybody here is just slammed. Plus the guys from Modern Marvels keep coming over and now that we are out of shop space (didn't think that would ever happen) everybody is tripping over everybody else. Don't expect much (except more photos) for the next week or so but when then ship sails, I'll have more time to notate and describe.

BTW... that's a SRSG... !  ;-)

also BTW... there are TWO 150kW coils being built (code named Terrence and Philip hence the filenames).


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Thanks for your photos, their great, but so many I'm having difficult figuring out "what is what".
For example, I tend to look at the oddities:

Is there any way to add a simple one line description to the photos? No doubt this coil is going to be amazing!

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