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RE: [TCML] Bending acrylic

There are some interesting methods used that I've found on the internet. But more specifically, the heat must be applied slowly with increasing temperature, and electronically (no flame or gas due to the water vapor) using heating elements. "Draping" for very simple shapes up to the use of vacuum to draw the material down on more complex shapes. I think temperature depends on the material, but it ranges from 250 all the way up to about 350ºF in order to soften it up enough to conform before cooling off too quickly.


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Hey guys,
     Since we have had a few machining/finishing questions on here 
lately, I figured it would be ok to ask; is it possible to bend acrylic 
and get it to hold it's shape.  I want to make a curved piece of 
acrylic, and it seems fragile and wants to crack.  I'm assuming you need 
to heat it, but how hot, using what kind of heat source, etc.  Thanks in 

Scott Bogard

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