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Re: [TCML] BPS Testing

Hi John,

Ok, I guess it has always been 1.7 but for some reason I was thinking the 1.7 was an update from some value before that (long ago). I guess not.

FutureT@xxxxxxx wrote:
Yes, but that's a good feature to have in JavaTC. And your new
BPS of 104 or whatever seems pretty good now.  Wasn't it 88  before?
Not a 50% increase, but a nice increase I think.  Does  the
coil seem to run smoother at the 104 BPS?
If I run the numbers with faceplate transformer values, then 82 bps. I was expecting about 95 and got 104. Higher, but reasonable. The 120V test last week was 1.143 higher, this is 1.268 higher. So firing rate increased by 11% after bumping the voltage up to 140V. This could be ferro resonance or maybe some low voltage arcs occurring due to enough ionization around the electrodes to allow low voltage breakdowns. The higher energy at 140V should enhance this situation. The light can't distinguish the energy level, it only knows breakdown occurred. Also, as the frequency of breakdown is increased at 140V, this should also enhance low voltage breakdown occurrences increasing the overall bps even further.

Take care,
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