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Re: [TCML] BPS Testing

In a message dated 3/16/2008 9:24:32 A.M. US Eastern Standard Time,  
bartb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

>Hi John,

>I was looking at my input VA for the 140Vac  situation. If I work the 
>math backwards for the bps measured, my  calculated current would be 11.6 
>rms amps. Strangely enough, the  expected output spark length equates to 
>1.42 x sqrt(11.6*240). Why  does 1.42 sound so darn familiar? When you 
>first derived the JF  formula, wasn't it 1.42? Probably nothing, but as 
>soon as I saw the  value, it felt very familiar.

Hi Bart,
I never used 1.42.  The formula used 1.7 from the beginning since  I based
it on the various coils that I built and studied.  

>In Javatc in the Transformer section, there is an input for  "ballast 
>current". It is meant to insert a measured value. If you  insert your 
>measured input draw value here, it will override the  transformer current 
>plate specifications and adjust for that  particular current draw. So I 
>simply set this current value until my  static gap section achieved the 
>measured 104 bps with my gap geometry  (11.6A). At that point, I looked 
>at the spark length in the static gap  section (57.2") and then found 
>57.2/sqrt(16.2*240) = 1.42 and that's  when familiarity set it. Probably 
>just coincidence.
Yes, but that's a good feature to have in JavaTC.  And your  new
BPS of 104 or whatever seems pretty good now.  Wasn't it 88  before?
Not a 50% increase, but a nice increase I think.  Does  the
coil seem to run smoother at the 104 BPS?

>Unfortunately, I didn't pay attention to spark lengths. Once  I flipped 
>the switch to run the coil, I ran back in the house (turning  off the 
>garage light in the process) and hit the record function on  the pc (I 
>then watched events unfold in real time on the pc). But, I  could "hear" 
>some "good" gap and spark firing happening. I'm certain  about 50" was 
>real, but can't say if it reached 57" or  not.


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