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Re: [TCML] DC base driven coil

In a message dated 3/12/2008 6:28:15 P.M. US Eastern Standard Time,  
FIFTYGUY@xxxxxxx writes:

>In that case, we're talking about at least a coupla  uF? And  all the base 
>current of the secondary flowed through this cap to  ground? 

In some of Lou's writing, he implies that a 0.10uF cap might work  well
at 500kHz.  He suggests that an 0.01uF cap may also be OK but
would show a higher impedance at that frequency.  
Since Lou preferred to apply 40kVDC to the capacitor, I suppose  the
cap should be rated higher than this to give a margin of safety.   

Lou said that the charging system worked as a relaxation oscillator
by adding a choke in series with the capacitor to create a  time  constant
which controlled the firing rate.  Typically, this firing rate would  be much
lower than the break rate of the TC itself, if I remember  correctly.  

>   What ratings would a cap like this  have to have?  Ten of the CDE .15/2kV 
>942 series in parallel  would handle the current, give you  1.5uF, and would 
>obviously be  suitable for the frequency. But what voltages  would they  see?

>    Since the streamer grows with each bang, how  does  the DC cap "know 
>to discharge? Does its charging  supply add to streamer  growth?

>-Phil  LaBudde

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