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RE: [TCML] DC base driven coil

If I remember correctly, the base of the secondary connected directly to the HV-side of the DC-charged cap. There was not a separate isolation cap.  The capacitance of the cap was so large relative to Fo that it had no impact on the tuning of the coil.  AC-wise, the cap looked like a short circuit.

Regards, Gary Lau

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> >Can  somebody post a schematic of Lou's (or a  similar) setup? From the
> >Bert Hickman's post in the archives I can't fathom how  to hook  up a cap to
> the
> >base of the secondary in a way that it doesn't  interfere  with the
> resonance
> >of the system, yet discharges  through the secondary. Is there  a separate
> >charging supply  involved as well?
> >-Phil LaBudde
> Phil,
> There is a separate charging supply for the DC which charges a capacitor
> using
> an NST with rectifiers.  I believe the base of the secondary connects  to
> ground
> through an isolation capacitor to isolate the DC from ground if I remember
> correctly.
> Lou preferred to use 40kVDC on the DC cap, although at the teslathon he  used
> only 20kVDC.
> John

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