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RE: [TCML] DC base driven coil

I have just read through the archives and see that the idea is to run the
coil as standard then allow the arc to discharge caps to ground.

I am sure however that when I saw the pictures that there was no primary
involved at all!!! Was it perhaps a magnifier so I only spotted the


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Lou Balint.
I have a bit of a hankering to try it too although my pulse caps are a lower

voltage but I could do a rewire to get 40kV at 20kJ.  I guess you need a 
pretty solid charger to keep repetition rates reasonable.

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> After a break away from the coiling I have now started again. I remember
> some years back somebody basefeeding a secondary coil with DC for some
> really hot, thick and dangerous arcs.
> Does anyone have details of this please?
> Colin Heath
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