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Re: [TCML] Need a NY based electrical expert.

Zoe Couacaud wrote:
To add some details regarding the supervision process....it would only be
for a day (6 hours at most probably), and the reason we require someone with
a Masters degree is for insurance purposes.

The candidate could also be based in Philadelphia.

Just to clarify for would-be respondents (not me..), would the MSEE be personally responsible or would you be indemnifying them as a named insured?

This can be (and is) often a deal breaker...most individuals cannot accept the potential liability exposure from something like this, and (having gone through the exercise very recently) most Professional Engineer's coverage wouldn't cover it either.{Exact quote from insurance agent: "you want to know if your A&E policy covers what? are you kidding? We can have our specialty folks write you one time coverage, but it's going to cost you a lot."}

It's not that a big loss is likely (it's not.. TC building and operating is fairly safe), it's the long term risk that someone involved withthe production comes back a year later and says "my collywobbles are disrupted and I can't work anymore and my medical bills are accumulating and my health insurance company is looking for someone to pay for it and I'm sure it was that mad scientist tesla coil that did it. Prove that it didn't." Eventually you'll prove it, but it will be expensive to do so.

OTOH, if your production company is hiring the MSEE as an EMPLOYEE (not a contractor) and accepting all the liability.. then go for it.

Off hand, I'd think your best bet is to work with someone like Jeff Parisse at kVA Effects, who's got the entertainment industry experience AND the liability coverage.

or find someone with no assets and a willingness to do the work and go bare on the coverage.
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