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Re: [TCML] RF Grounding

Daniel -

Actually, RTV silicone sealants don't release any "solvents" during curing, but most of the more common "household" grades of silicone caulking componds and sealants do release acetic acid vapors as a by-product of curing. This is why they have a distinct acetic acid smell, like vinegar, once they start curing. It is possible that the acetic acid residue is what caused Richard Q's problem long ago, although I don't recall if his problem was arcing inside the secondary coilform.

There are special RTV silicone sealants that do not release acetic acid. Electronic-grade silicone sealants like General Electric RTV-162 release alcohol during curing, which evaporates without leaving any conductive residue. There are also special automotive silicone sealants that are labeled as "safe for catalytic converters"; they also do not release acetic acid.

I seem to recall that someone else (long ago) had a secondary that actually caught on fire because of internal arcing that ignited trapped solvent vapors from the PVC solvent-type glue that he used to attach end caps or to seal internal baffles.

I've always just used the electronic-grade RTV sealents to secure internal baffles, and never had any problems with internal arcing, trapped solvent vapors igniting, etc.

Scott Hanson

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So what have you found to attach baffles and end caps with that doesn't
involve those nasty solvent vapors?


Daniel Hess

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Re: [TCML] RF Grounding

People were literally building bombs in some cases... That I wanted to
clear up just to prevent injuries which would make everyone look bad.
Others were using silicone sealants for baffles and end caps... I used to
myself, until I traced a failure back to the solvent vapors.

Thanks for everything :)


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