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Re: [TCML] RF Grounding

> I may not agree with everything, but so what?
> Take care,
> Bart


I put those documents together because people back then were literally doing crazy things, and I posted them as a guideline, nothing more. They have stood the test of time, and if they were not debated, and if other people did not disagree with parts of it... Then I would chalk the work up as a failure.

People were literally building bombs in some cases... That I wanted to clear up just to prevent injuries which would make everyone look bad. Others were using silicone sealants for baffles and end caps... I used to myself, until I traced a failure back to the solvent vapors.

I never said there were not better ways... But it's hard to find a cheaper way that works as well. One of my goals was to give the first time coiler a first coil that would stand up, a coil that worked well enough to encourage someone to build a second, better coil.

Many coilers back then built their first coil and it failed, they never went back for a second try.

I must say that I am somewhat flattered that the work is considered significant enough to debate, and for people to disagree with parts. That's impressive.

Thanks for everything :)


P.S. Somewhere out there is a text file called "primary.txt" I think Bill B. has a copy. In there I discussed conductor types, and as you mention, decent stranded wire (without twists in the conductor) is perfectly fine :)
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