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Re: [TCML] Experiment to measure effects of RF grounding


Remember that the scope and your coil have a somewhat MESSY "common" ground. Worthless at high voltage RF... Thus, those gigantic E-fields from the coil are going into every electronic surface of the scope (like the LCD display). To test for that straight line you seek, you need these on all the BNC inputs:


You might need a chicken wire or foil E-field screen and separate coil (very direct RF) ground and scope (AC line) ground. Beware that the local AC line ground will be "riding" on top of all the hash from the coil.

Isolation transformers are worthless above 1KHz...

You might be best off just plugging the scope in another room right next to that flat TV , computer, or kiddy gamer thing. See what it sees coming into the terminals with that room sized "local" grounding system.

The scope is not lying. That really is the voltage on it's circuits given the environment it is in. You must "control that environment" for it.


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