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RE: [TCML] RF Ground and Brass


Has nothing to do with that.  If you have 1kV of RF voltage at the base
of your secondary, you can bet your shiny butt there is going to be some
nasty hash at your MAINS.


>Not really.  You want to limit the amount of voltage drop on  your

>connection.  You don't care about voltage drop on the  secondary,

>that is what you expect.  But if your ground connection was  say 100

>and you had 10 amps of peak current, you'd get 1000V peak voltage  on

>your ground cable.  Not really a good  thing.

    If the top of the secondary ends up at 400kV, then  a kV drop on the

ground wire amounts to 1/4 of 1%. Pretty  insignificant. 
-Phil LaBudde

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