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Re: [TCML] RF Ground and Brass

In a message dated 3/6/08 10:52:06 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,  
daniel.h.mccauley@xxxxxxxx writes:

>Not really.  You want to limit the amount of voltage drop on  your ground

>connection.  You don't care about voltage drop on the  secondary, because

>that is what you expect.  But if your ground connection was  say 100 ohms

>and you had 10 amps of peak current, you'd get 1000V peak voltage  on

>your ground cable.  Not really a good  thing.

    If the top of the secondary ends up at 400kV, then  a kV drop on the 
ground wire amounts to 1/4 of 1%. Pretty  insignificant. 
-Phil LaBudde

Center for the Advanced Study of Ballistic  Improbabilities

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