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RE: [TCML] RF Ground and Brass

> In Dan McCauley's "DRSSTC II" book, he shows  simulation predictions 
> of secondary base current of ~8A peak, and measured of  ~5A peak. 
> These are of sinusoids in 300uS square-ish pulse envelopes at 100  
> bursts per second. I can't do the math on that one, but it seems to me

> that it  works out to "a lot less than
> 1 amp RMS continuous". This on a 1kW coil. 

Yes, it works out to  much less than 1amp continuous.  Remember the duty
cycle is extremely low.

> It *does* seem a bit silly to splice a piece of  10ga THHN to a the 
> bottom of two thousand feet of 25ga like it's going to make  a
Not really.  You want to limit the amount of voltage drop on your ground
connection.  You don't care about voltage drop on the secondary, because
that is what you expect.  But if your ground connection was say 100 ohms
and you had 10 amps of peak current, you'd get 1000V peak voltage on
your ground cable.  Not really a good thing.
Plus, you want to use a thicker ground wire just for the purpose its not
as fragile as a 25 AWG piece of magnet wire.


Doesn't seem silly at all to provide a low impedance path to ground.

Take care,

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