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Re: [TCML] LTR/STR and spark length

     Never use a dimmer with anything coil related, it will not work 
properly.  Many of us have been down this road, it never ends well.  
Either buy a variac, or in this circumstance I would suggest that you 
just build a baffle like Bart said.  It can be as simple as a piece of 
cardboard taped to the back or your fan covering it partly.  Best of luck!

Scott Bogard.

bartb wrote:
> I see no need to adjust airflow with a dimmer. "If" you had such 
> massive airflow that it did cause problems, then a simple mechanical 
> baffle (air valve) will deal with this just fine. Start full force and 
> build a gap that will not limit your power supply and you'll be on 
> your way to greater spark lengths.

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