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Re: [TCML] LTR/STR and spark length

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>Here's my question- how much is one's potential spark length  limited by the 
height of the secondary? >Here's basically what I have; 4" x  18" secondary,
When the secondary develops uncontrollable racing sparks due to  
a too large bang-size, that is the limit.  As an example my old  research
coil gave about 58" sparks max using a 4" x 23" secondary.  I  could
bump the power up so I got 60" sparks, but I then could not control  the
racing sparks on the secondary.  The secondary had some  damage,
and the insulation was not so great, so that was a factor too, in  limiting
the spark lengths.  The coil ran at 120 bps.  If the  coil ran at a higher
break rate, possibly I could have gotten longer sparks from that  secondary,
because the bang size would be smaller.  Not much research has  been
done on that last issue.  My TT-42 coil gives 42" sparks from a  4" x 19"
secondary with no racing sparks.  Sparks rarely swoop down and  hit
the primary, because I have a smaller toroid below the main  toroid.
This keeps the main toroid higher and discourages primary strikes.   
I use a 4" x 13" spun toroid above a 1.5" x 6" spun toroid on  the TT-42
coil.  In one test, I installed a larger spun toroid onto the coil  and it
then produced 44" sparks, with no racing sparks.  Installing a  larger
secondary onto your coil (and keeping input power the same) will  not
increase the spark length except
maybe slightly due to a higher primary surge impedance if you
increase the secondary inductance, and due to slightly lower  losses
in the secondary if the secondary is wider, depending on the wire
size and number of turns.  My TT-42 coil and other information can  be
seen at my website at:

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