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Re: [TCML] LTR/STR and spark length

Hi David,

Rsg's are timed gaps, keep them as close as possible. If the electrode gaps are too wide, there is a higher probability of missed firings. Sure, the firing will always occur before alignment and just like any gap, how early depends on the cap charge and electrode geometry. I don't see this as the reason to keep them close but simply the physics of the arc.

The reason I see to keep the gaps close is because it is a timed event and we want each alignment to switch the cap energy. If we widen the gap too wide, missed firings can occur causing a larger bang at the next physical alignment (and this situation causes an erratic firing behavior). Keep the gap narrow for consistent and controlled timed firings (that's the reason).

Opening the gap can "appear" to do better, but this is because some of the firings are missed and the cap is allowed to continue charging until the next physical alignment. Opening the gap is not the answer. The best way is to add more charging current or slow the bps down (although I don't recommend going below 120 bps at 60hz).

Take care,

David Rieben wrote:
Hi Bart,

Yes, I fully agree with you here. What are your thoughts
on the spacing of the stationary vs. flying electrodes in ro-
tary spark gaps (RSGs), synch or asynch? I've always heard
that it's best to space these as close as your design will allow
without the risk of electrode collision, since they can arc before
the electrodes actually "line up"....

David Rieben

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