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[TCML] hyperbaric sparkgaps


Do you or anyone on the List know Gary Weazel's email address?  I want to
talk with him regarding some large hyperbaric gaps I'm designing.

Dr. Resonance

> One of the better etchers is ammonium persulfate,
> you can pick it up of Ebay cheap. We used this
> when making PCB's in the research lab I worked
> at. Much safer to use that Ferric chloride, which
> we used before and switched. Rubber gloves and
> safety glasses are used but if it splashes on the
> skin, it does not cause any serious damage and
> can be washed off easily later. In fact, you may
> not know you have it on your skin and later a
> stain will show up where it was in contact with.
> Use of an acid like HCl is really bad and
> dangerous. You cannot control the process and it
> under cuts the lands, plus it is nasty stuff and
> cleanup is messy. I have never heard of using an
> acid like that (or Nitric) ever for etching a
> circuit board. I have never heard of using these acids for PCB manufacture
> Hydrogen Peroxide is an oxidizer and in higher
> concentrations, it is very dangerous and can
> cause explosions! It is used as a component of
> some rocket fuels in higher levels. It can burn
> the skin on contact and react with other
> chemicals and cause fires, explosions, etc. Do
> not play with the industrial stuff unless you really know what you are
> doing.
> The concentrated solution was used in making the
> bombs for the muslim attacks in the UK subways
> last year. Big brother pays attention to who buys
> the concentrated stuff. Plus it has a crappy shelf life once it is opened.
> Frank
> At 07:34 AM 1/29/2008 -0600, you wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>I have absolutely zero experience with building PC boards
>>and since my patience doesn't usually hold up too well work-
>>ing with tiny things and my 45 year old eyes don't see things
>>up close anymore w/out visual correction, I kind of doubt
>>that I ever will at this point. However, the one thing that I do
>>realize from reading these threads on how to etch the tracks
>>is that these are some quite dangerous chemicals that are used
>>for this purpose. 30-35% hydrochloric acid solution is very
>>strong (the swimming pool supply muriatic acid is approximately
>>the same strength hyrdocholric acid solution). Muriatic acid re-
>>leases a visible suffocating vapor when the cap is removed and
>>the liquid acid will quickly attack aluminum or concrete. The
>>H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) solution that you purchase at your
>>local drug store is 3% peroxide and 97% water! The extra oxy-
>>gen atom makes the normally stable water molecule very unstable
>>to release the rogue oxygen atom. A 30% peroxide solution would
>>be very corrosive and would severely bleach and burn skin upon
>>contact.I've heard that industrial strength 90% peroxide solution
>>poured on combustible material will cause spontaneous ignition!
>>Just a safety note - any chemical that can etch copper will likely
>>also "etch" human flesh! Be careful ....
>>David Rieben
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>>>I'm using hydrochloride acid with hydrogen peroxide but with some
>>>Cool down concentated 30-35% HCl acid, it's required if you are going to
>>>etch large boards or you have not a lot of acid, because reaction are
>>>exothermic and high temperature isn't good for peroxide. Put the acid
>>> and PC
>>>board into plastic container and add a few drops of concentrated 30%
>>>peroxid. Don't add peroxid directly to PC board but in distant corner
>>> and
>>>move with container to mix the solution (locally increased concentration
>>> of
>>>peroxid can be dangerous for PC board). You can drive speed of reaction
>>> by
>>>adding more peroxid. If you aren't overshoot amount of peroxide, cooper
>>> will
>>>dissolve fast but without any bubbles and fumes. If it bubbles, it can
>>> be
>>>due too fast reaction or high temperature. In this cases you can try to
>>> cool
>>>down the solution.
>>>This method is the fastest and provides more capacity, with 1 bottle of
>>> acid
>>>you can make a lot of PCB.
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>>>>Thanks guys,
>>>>      I am already using perf board, but I have acquired
>>>>enough parts to make 5 drivers, so I figured PC board would
>>>>be the way to go.  also does anybody have any experience with
>>>>this etching solution, it sounds pretty good to me, as I
>>>>already have all the ingredients.
>>>>Thanks again.
>>>>Scott Bogard.
>>>>BunnyKiller wrote:
>>>> > As far as perf boards go, they are fine if you like wires. I prefer
>>>> > the perfboard with the square copper tabs on the bottom. It
>>>>allows you
>>>> > to place components and then use solder bridges to route the path
>>>> > along the squares. If you need to correct a path, simply
>>>>heat up the
>>>> > solder in the area to be corrected and tap the board to
>>>>remove solder.
>>>> > The only disadvantage to this method is the required amounts of
>>>> > solder....
>>>> >
>>>> > Scot D
>>>> >
>>>> >
>>>> >
>>>> > Peter Terren wrote:
>>>> >
>>>> >> You can still make some pretty significant things on
>>>>perfboard with
>>>> >> point to point wiring.
>>>> >> Here is a packed mag-lev board with 4 IC's that still runs
>>>>fine after
>>>> >> 2 years museum use.
>>>> >>
>>>> >> tion
>>>> >>
>>>> >>
>>>> >> Even more extreme is this completely point to point art
>>>>piece. There
>>>> >> is no perf board, everything is point to point and
>>>>supported by the
>>>> >> connections to the supply rail. Still works after 20 years. 8 IC's
>>>> >> and perhaps 100 components
>>>> >> http://tesladownunder.com/Electronics.htm#Pyramid
>>>> >>
>>>> >> Peter
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>>>> >>
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Dr. Resonance

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