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Re: [TCML] homemade transformer

Hello folks.

It can certainly be done and there are several approaches to it.
Finn Hammers is probably the most professional and a beautyfull unit
without doubt.
He build his one from scratch, I tried somethin a bit more simple.
I took a old transformer that was big enough and rewound it to work
as some sort of inductively ballasted transformer. Tough I built mine
without any special calculations and it certainly has some flaws, it was
well worth the effort. ( I had some help from Finn, which helped a lot )
Lately I got a sturdy case made from welded plastics, but without the nice
looking window Finn used. Its good for something under 5KVa and was in
fact pretty cheap. Core was 8EU, wire 50EU and a weeks evening work,
even though I used hand winding and counting.
I am pretty pleased with the result, but ymmv of course.


Christoph Bohr

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