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Re: [TCML] New size spun toroid - update

In a message dated 1/21/2008 4:48:41 P.M. US Eastern Standard Time,  
jmora@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

>Hi John,

>How much do you expect the brushed finish to  change the behavior of the
>surface discharge? Have you tested both  types?
I've tested the 1.75" x 6" toroids in the brushed and polished  finishes
years ago, and didn't see any difference in performance.  My 4" x  13" toroids
also have the brushed finish and perform well.  

>Jim Mora

>What about the end user  polishing the brushed product? Are the brush marks
>deeply prohibitive?  I would like to replace my FutureT 6" with an 8" for my
>4" coil.
The end user could polish the brushed toroid, but it would be a lot of  work.
I didn't mention it, but I will also offer the toroid in as-spun  condition, 
$70, for those who wish to do their own finishing.  In the as-spun  condition,
there are minor ridges, or shading blemishes, etc. which would need  to
be sanded out first before using finer and finer grits, before using  the
final buffing/polishing.

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