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Re: [TCML] pole pig question

I have blown holes in 2 or 3 big 9 inch ceramic resistors. I can't clearly remember the circumstances except it was in the primary of my 4 MOT supply. I might have been charging a big cap to augment the supply. I assumed that this was an inductive problem with fast transients at the time since there must be hundreds of turns on there. It wasn't an overheating/power problem as these were 100W rated and didn't get hot.


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Hi Greg,

what brand of resistor were you using to test your
equipment with?  The 3 I tried all arced over to nearly 1/2 the length of
the resistor when I used them to do tests.

Scot D'

What tests are you talking about/ I've used resistors like that for over 60 years and never saw such a phenomenon. Although they have some inductance its reactance is negligible compared to the resistance at any frequency I can image. I can imagine that if you charged a capacitor to a sufficiently high voltage and discharged it into the resistor you might get some effect like that but why do it?

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