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Re: [TCML] pole pig question

--- BunnyKiller <bunnikillr@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Greg,
> what brand of resistor were you using to test your
> equipment with?  The 
> 3 I tried all arced over to nearly 1/2 the length of
> the resistor when I 
> used them to do tests.
> Scot D

Really?  You've had them fry on you?  In that case, I
stand corrected.  I didn't know wirewounds could fail
that way.

When I must pay retail, I buy new Ohmite brand
vitreous enamel resistors.  I'm only speculating, but
these appear to wound on a ceramic tube, dipped in
pottery glaze, and fired in a kiln.  I've used them in
RF protection networks for NST and MOT power supplies,
among other things, and I've never had one fail.  I've
also bought surplus ceramic wirewound power resistors
on e-bay at a fraction of retail.  These are various
brands, but they look just like Ohmite units.  I've
never had one of these fail either, except for a 55W
unit that glowed red hot from too much current, then
cracked as it cooled off!  Oops!

I've never seen the turn-to-turn arcing you described,
but I have no reason to doubt you.  Thanks for sharing
your experience.


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