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Re: [TCML] pole pig question

Hi Greg,

what brand of resistor were you using to test your equipment with? The 3 I tried all arced over to nearly 1/2 the length of the resistor when I used them to do tests.

Scot D

G Hunter wrote:

--- BunnyKiller <bunnikillr@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Hey Jim,
test the piggie using a hi current hi voltage
resistor 1KW @ 1KOhm ( wire wound dont work to well they simply arc over to the next winding)
Scot D

I disagree.  An ordinary wirewound power resistor is
as good as any in this application.  A 1kohm power
resistor will feel no more than a few hundred volts
potential across the whole body of the resistor, even
if it is connected across the pig HV terminals.  The
reason is as simple as Ohm's law.  If a 1kohm resistor
passes 500mA of current, then it will have a potential
of 500volts across it--hardly sufficient to cause
turn-to-turn arcing on a big (100W or larger) one. The pig simply cannot develop it's full HV potential
across such a low resistance.  Besides, wirewounds
have been used for decades in vacuum tube equipment,
where they routinely handle 100's of volts of plate,
grid, and screen bias without failure.


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