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RE: [TCML] Comments please: Book review


	IMHO;  leave out ALL personal experiences.  Your review is about the
book.  Use a spell checker (you'll find at least one error).  I think it is
totally legitimate that you can properly review this book without having
entirely read it, but some others (most?) will not.
	You were chosen to review it because you are a putative expert.
Talk like you are.  You can explain the capacitor shortcoming without a
single self reference.  And so on.  Commensurately, most of your salient
assessments can be conveyed in way less words.

with peace and love in my heart,

Al Erpel
PA, 18901

[stuff snipped]

> Ok, English majors and others...
> Here is my review of "The Ultimate Tesla Coil Design and 
> Construction Guide".  I got the book as a review copy, read 
> as much as I could and wrote a review of the book.  Here is 
> the review below.  
> I'd appreciate any comments ranging from typographical errors 
> to major questions raised and left unanswered.
> Thanks in advance.
> Chip

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