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[TCML] MMC design

I'm going through some of the MMC calculators on the net trying to figure this stuff out.
I have a 9kv NST and LTR capacitance is 12.5nF
output of the NST is ~13kv p-p   (close enough)
so, assuming 0.1 2kv caps
1 string of 8 = 16kv and 13nf
2 strings of 16 = 32kv and 13nf

is 16kv "high enough" above the NST?
is it just a waste to go with 2 strings of 16, should I, in this scenario, stick with 1 string of 8 and call it good?
if the caps were 0.047 and 2kv, then 2 strings of 8 = 16kv and 11.75nf
or 3 strings of 11 at 22kv and 12.82nF

which is more important in designing the MMC?
is it more important to be as close as possible to the LTR value or have enough voltage "padding" above the xmfr? is there some other factor in here to use (like the discharge energy or something?)

Paul (I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition) in Michigan...
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