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Re: [TCML] Re: Stacked Toroids

Hi Marko, All,
I think that as the cylinder gets bigger, two toroids with a large  
conductive cylinder between them start to "look", capacitively, more and more  like a 
sphere with respect to the ground.
Matt D.
In a message dated 1/15/08 9:34:46 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,  
kc5gym@xxxxxxx writes:

I have been walking around all day looking at things,  one  pint paint cans, 
one quart paint cans, one gallon paint cans,
two  & half gallon thinner cans, five gallon thinner cans,  ....  No I am 
not a painter...

Javatc doesn't show much change in  cylinders adding capacitance, but I have 
noticed a "glitch" in it in this  regard.
can't put my finger on  it yet.


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