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Re: [TCML] Re: Stacked Toroids

I've only done it by trial & error, but?it will work.? I used various pre-cut PVC pipes of different lenghts to separate the toroids.? Kind of like tuning/finding the "sweet"?primary tap point.? Raise the toroid, measure spark length.? Raise it a bit more, measure again.? Etc, etc.? Find the separation point that gives the most spark length.

It does take a little time this way, but you can definitely find a sweet spot this way.

As I recall, I had to retune the primary with each height change of the toroid.

PS - don't know if this helps in your case,?but for my 15/60 4" coil with?6X24 and 6 X20 dryer duct toroids, I found 12" separation to be the sweet spot.? Probably different for your coil.

Regards, Dennis Hopkinton MA

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Hi all,
This subject has been discussed some years ago but I wonder if there might be 
some new insight,
I would like to maximize the total capacitance of two stacked spun Al toroids, 
one 24"x8" (26.5pF) and a 34.5"x8" (37.8pF) unit.
I intend to use a spacer to separate the toroids but what would be an optimum 
length and diameter of the spacer to extract max capacitance in total,
The secondary diameter is 12.4" and winding at 4.3 to 1 H/D.,
Any suggestions much appreciated,


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