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[TCML] 4" coil resonant freqencies, three top loads


I thought it may be of some interest of the measurements of my 4" coil
resonance frequencies. It is wound 23.25" with # 25 Awg (it measures
slightly less than that, closer to 26 (winding stretch perhaps). It is close
wound on a 1/8 acrylic form and coated with poly.

The measurements were the closest I could read with my analog oscope.
Amazingly, the WWII vintage tube "Precision" RF generator I was using was
very closely calibrated after letting it heat up all night. 

Unloaded spot on		400KHZ
6"x1.75" John toroid	378Khz
Sphere stacked toroid	303Khz
8" stainless sphere	278Khz

What was interesting was I assume the greatest Q was when the toroid only
was present as evidenced by a very sharp tuning point( very steep potential
rise and fall on either side of resonance). Would you agree with that? How
do these numbers compare to what is expected? The coil was raised above a
tin foil counterpoise plane by 12". Now to get a starting tune point on the
Solenoid primary...:-)

Jim Mora
Ojai, Ca.

Say, this is supposed to be winter activities in this hemisphere, its 80F
outside. I wish my x-ray cables I ordered were here from Canada. I recently
bought one of Jack's BIG x-ray transformers and converted it(150KV .6 amps
AC) for a Jacob's ladder. Pics on that latter! Someone was referring to
ramps and such for big iron. Buy an engine cherry picker. I couldn't survive
without it!!

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