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RE: Re[TCML] NST rebuild good

Hi Gary,

Thank you Sir.

I am starting to get a "better grip" on it.
I really appreciate the feedback that I get.


If I go back to the original post, you're using a .033uF cap with a rebuilt and deshunted 15/120 NST and a 120BPS sync RSG. The problem is that the capacitor is much too small for this configuration, resulting in the cap charging to a too-high voltage and self destruction and safety gap firing. With a static gap, if the cap is too small, the only consequence is that the gap fires more often but at a safe voltage determined by the gap width. With a SRSG, the cap is free to charge as high as it cares to; it's up to you to choose a value that limits it to a safe voltage. With my 15/60 NST and SRSG, I've found that a .04uF cap is optimum, so you could go at least 2-3X larger and maybe more considering the deshunting.

Regards, Gary Lau

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