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Re: [TCML] Pig upgrade

Hi Clive,

Well my comments will pretty much mirror what every-
one else that has responded to your posting is saying. 50
kVA is WAYYYY overkill for NST level power BUT,
if there's any way that you could properly store such a
beast for future use at more agressive power processing,
then get the pig with the intent of future use. As Matt D. has already stated, if you stay into coiling, it's not a matter
of IF you will upgrade in power, only a matter of WHEN
you will ;^) And a 50 kVA pig will handle any kind of power you could ever throw at it (heck a 10 kVA pig will do that!) If I'm not mistaken, Dr. Resonance fires his Big Bruiser with a single, retanked 14,400 volt, 10 kVA pig unit and actually
runs ~ 25 kVA through it for 25 ft.+ sparks! Remember,
the nameplate rating of a pole transformer is for 100% duty
cycle (24/7) and they can easily be pushed to several times
their nameplate kVA rating for relatively short runs w/out any
significant thermal rise or ill-effects.

David Rieben

Clive Hansen wrote:

Hello All,
I was recently offered a 50kva ABB pig in good condition. I am currently using a 15/30 nst to drive my coil. I only have 120v 15a power to use and I am limited by space. Does anyone think that a coil built with the pig on this supply would have tremendous advantages over the nst coil? Or would it be a waste at this low current?


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