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RE: [TCML] mot questions

The best information on ballasting is from 


Reading his pages and rereading his pages even helped a thick headed guy
like me.
If you are going to use a MOT or a NST core for ballast then you short out
the filament winding , add a few turns of #10 on a NST core. If the MOT is
not as a ballast then you can leave or remove the unused windings , what
ever fits you set up.

Richie will put you on the right track if you are not a EE.

	Rich , from the middle of Missouri

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Could someone please tell me what to do with the "extra" windings on mots? I
think these are called the filament winding, or something like that, they're
just a couple turns. I was finally going through my accumulation of mots,
not being sure, I went ahead and jumpered these windings at first. When I
it down and went to remove the jumper I realized that it got hot. VERY hot.
what do I do with them; leave them shorted together, cut off the excess or
to remove it completely if possible?

Also, (going back to my previous questions re: ballasting)I plugged in my
to my variac (22 amp rating)and installed an inline amp meter. With a setup
like this, is ballasting still an issue? Doesn't the variac, itself, act as
ballast as long as I watch so that my amps don't go too high?

Thank you all for your continued help!


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