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Re: [TCML] Subject: Overheated Secondary

Hi Marko,

You don't have to get all the residue out, just mainly access to the task at hand. Yes, mechanics use gasoline and have forever. It is dangerous like everyone says. Hard to break old habits however when you've used it as a solvent for 40+ years.

Take care,

mark olson wrote:
At 11:35 PM 1/3/08 -0800, you wrote:
Thanks again Bart,

I will begin repairs tomorrow (Saturday). Surely I will post the results of this venture. Most of the tar is gone, but even with gasoline I am not sure that it is possible to get all of the residue out. I have been a mechanic of one kind or another for most of 50 years, so gasoline is no strange solvent for me, but it is rather expensive.

later later,


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