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RE: [TCML] USB-powered Tesla Coil for Data Transmission

A "giant step in the right direction" towards what?  A modulated Tesla coil operating at any frequency that TC's use can't hope to compete with the bandwidth attained by garden variety wireless routers operating at 2.4GHz.  I think the broadcast range of routers is limited by FCC requirements, not the underlying technology.  Besides enshrining the name "Tesla", what is it you seek to achieve?

Gary Lau

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> > . . . This would give you intermittent (about every 20 sec. or so) 2-3"
> > sparks, or a burst of a small corona for about 5 sec.
> Better yet would be configure two USB CW SSTCs for wireless data
> transmission and reception.  They could then be used to establish a wireless
> ad hoc connection between two computers.  This would be one giant step in
> the right direction.
> Regards, Gary

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