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Re: [TCML] USB-powered Tesla Coil for Data Transmission

. . . This would give you intermittent (about every 20 sec. or so) 2-3" sparks, or a burst of a small corona for about 5 sec.

Better yet would be configure two USB CW SSTCs for wireless data transmission and reception. They could then be used to establish a wireless ad hoc connection between two computers. This would be one giant step in the right direction.

Regards, Gary

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I did a lot of thinking about a USB powered coil a while back. The
problem is actually the power, 5V @500ma gives you 2.5W. My only (untested) design used a camera flash type circuit fed into a DRSSTC circuit and a very small coil. This would give you intermittent (about every 20 Sec or so) 2-3"
sparks. Or a burst of a small corona for about 5 sec

I abandoned the project as I doubt even I could wait for 20 or so seconds
for a single bang or a blue glow...

maybe if you built the TC inside a plasma globe ???


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No, I don't have one.  But my wife found an interesting gift for me this
year - a USB-powered plasma globe. It's actually quite nice - the globe is
about the size of a conventional light bulb, with a power cable that plugs
into the base, labeled 5V/300mA, and the other end having a USB plug on it. Nearly on par with the TheOnion.com USB-powered toaster faux product, except
that this is real.  See http://www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/science/964e/

So, this got me thinking if this couldn't be extended to an actual
USB-powered spark-making Tesla coil?  While the available power should be
adequate, I'm not sure I'd be comfortable with the prospect of RF-ground
return current being routed through my USB port.  Maybe this is a good use
for that old P2 dinosaur in the basement.

Regards, Gary Lau

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