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Re: 1/4 wave TC (fwd)

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Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2007 14:57:48 -0700
From: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: !/4 wave TC (fwd)

A long time ago I saw the Corums use a wavguide that was 1/4 wave long 
as a Tesla Coil. It worked. It had no termination and it produced a 
discharge. Why not a TC with no top load?"

	What was the wavelength the Corums used, what was the power, and
where and and how big was the arc?  As for a TC without top load, we all
have built them at one time or another - haven't you?  Of course, if one's
objective is long stramers, coils with top loads of some sort or another
work much better.