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MIT wireless energy transfer 'breakthrough' now vaunted by Science News ... (fwd)

This has indeed been discussed to death.  It really appears to be a
"marketing breakthrough" as opposed to anything new scientifically.


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Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2007 20:21:06 -0400
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Subject: MIT wireless energy transfer 'breakthrough' now vaunted by Science
    News ...

**** from the article *****
"... [asks the interviewer] But if the physics is simple, why didn't anyone
think of it sooner? Soljacic suggests that before the spread of cell phones
and laptops, there was little need for a wirefree power source. ..."
the breathless gushing above and more at the link below ...
Now I understand this post is peripheral (at best?) to the intent of the
list.  But truth is always important. If you were the claimant, what would
be worse, to be a liar or ignorant of the work before you?  
BTW, I subscribe to the paper edition of Science News (published weekly) and
despite occasional false starts like this, it is worth the subscription to
me.  Sometimes I know about new stuff more than a year before my informed
peers because of this subscription.  They have a letters section.  I wonder
if a brief cogent paragraph would be published in it.  I don't feel that I
am the person to write the letter.
Al Erpel
USA, PA, 18901