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Re: 1/4 wave TC (fwd)

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Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2007 16:16:53 -0500
From: resonance <resonance@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: Re: 1/4 wave TC (fwd)

Run your data on JAVATC and you will get nearly the exact tuning tap 
point --- might vary at most 1/8th turn.

Never run your coil with a toroid or some type of topload.  Without 
equalized electrostatic field shaping down the secondary the coil usually 
tries to run at multiple frequencies, ie, some of the harmonics are not 
surpressed enough, and your coil will usually quickly be destroyed.

If your safety gap is firing at 140 volts, something is wrong with your 
tuning.  JAVATC will solve it for you.

Dr. Resonance
Resonance Research Corp.

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Subject: 1/4 wave TC (fwd)

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> Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2007 12:21:32 -0400
> From: Skip Greiner <skipg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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> Subject: 1/4 wave TC
> Hi All
> Well after my capacitor literally exploded and destroyed both the
> primary and secondary of the first 1/4 wave TC, a new one has been built
> and is in test. The specs are:
> Primary: 7 turns, 1/4" tubing, 19" in diameter
> Secondary: 390 turns #22ga, 0.050" overall diameter insulated wire, 14"
> diameter, winding len:19.5", frequency len of wire: 217khz, wire length
> 1429'
> Measured Resonance of secondary is 210 khz. no excitation
> With 5 x 20 toroid: 205khz
> With two 5 x 20 toroid: 150 khz
> Driver: 9kv x 120ma NST
> Break: SRSG with 2 poles
> Cap: .027
> Some of the test results:
> Variac set no higher than 40 or about 50 volts input
> Spark length:
> No toroid: multiple 12" (+) arcs from top turn of sec
> One toroid: 20" (+) from breakout point
> Two toroid: 27" (+) from breakout point
> Operating freq: with toroids: 140khz
> Operating freq: without toroids: 190khz
> Note that the wire length frequency and the operating frequency with no
> top load under power are pretty close. I am trying to figure out how to
> concentrate the discharges into a single streamer without a top load. I
> seem to be processing a large amount of power and the total amount of
> sparks with or without a top load seems to be similar.
> Above the "40" setting of the variac the NST safety gaps really fire
> nearly all of the time and so far I am afraid to open up the gaps which
> are set to about 0.125". Does anyone have a comment as to the maximum
> safety gap opening that I might use on a 9kv NST? It looks like this
> thing will really perform at higher inputs but I do not want to risk the
> NST yet.
> Skip