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Re: Cap Source (fwd)

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Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2007 23:19:09 -0700
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L (or is it Will??) -

First thing to do is just go to the Cornell-Dubilier website, look up the
942 series (www.cde.com/catalogs/942c.pdf) and select the specific part
number that you want (the .15uF/2,000 volt version is popular). Then, click
the "services" tab at the top of the the CDE home page (www.cde.com), select
the "stock check" function, and enter the Part Number of the capacitor you
are looking for the lower of the two search boxes. This will search CDE's
database and display which CDE distributors have the caps in stock. Finally,
call the distributors to verify availability, determine pricing, quantity
discounts, and shipping costs. Then, you can compare the bottom-line
cost-per-cap from various sources. I've purchased these directly from
Richardson Electronics and Arrow Electronics for less than any other source
was asking.

Scott Hanson
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> It has been a few years since I last tinkered with my tesla coil and I am
> looking for a source of 942 CDE caps does the Geek Group or Resonance
> reasearch still sell them ?
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