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Plasma related toys for sale.. (fwd)

Please reply directly to Adam.


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Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 06:35:56 -0400
From: mercurus2000 <mercurus2000@xxxxxxx>
To: Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Plasma related toys  for sale..

Hello I wanted people on the list to know I have quite a few brand new 
plasma related toys for sale right now, first I have pocket plasmas for 
sale, you can see what they are here 
http://www.zerotoys.com/newsite/products/WarablePocketPlasma.htm I have 
three colors blue green and multicolor. I'm asking $16 a piece for them 
plus shipping which should be fairly cheap since they are so small, 
these units are pretty unique, run off only 2 AAA batteries and I think 
output 9-10KV AC, it takes alot of voltage to activate crackle tubes, so 
you could use the circuits to power high voltage experiments and use the 
crackle disk to decorate things around running coils if you wanted. Let 
me know how many you want and I'll see what I can arrange. I'm also 
selling brand new plasma mugs for $17 plus shipping and handling,you can 
see what they look like here http://www.kleargear.com/1721.html  these 
are really great around coils even small ones activate them, and use 
small HF transformers to energize the mug. Not to deter anyone but 
please only respond if you're serious about purchasing these. Thanks