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First Test run (fwd)

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Date: Sun, 08 Jul 2007 01:47:07 -0400
From: stephen costanza <baywatch106@xxxxxxx>
To: tesla@xxxxxxxxxx
Subject: First Test run

Hello, After a couple months of working on building my tesla coil, I got the 
chance to do the first test run. I had the coil out in the yard with a piece 
of rebar stuck in the ground for the discharge to strike. I was also using a 
piece of coat hanger for a breakout point. I only had a little bit of time 
to test it out due to the noise and how late it was. I started out at turn 
12 and got some discharge and I ended up on turn 8 with a nice and strong 
discharge out of the coathanger and  without it some smaller discharges 
through out the tororid. Could somebody with some experience help me out 
with running some numbers thru one of the programs to find my ideal tap?
My primary is 1/4" refg. tubing 15 turns . 1/4" spacing between primary coil 
. Primary to secondary distance is 1 3/4".  Secondary is 4" pvc with  21" of 
23 awg. Should be 867 turns.
                     Spark gap is a static gap using   seven  3/4" copper 
tubes with fan.
Xformer is a 12/60 . I am using 2 strings of 16 of the 942  .15 mfd
A spun AL 3x12 toroid sitting on an insulator . Bottom of toroid is 1 1/4" 
above coil.

Any ideas on wher is the best place to tap it? Or should I  just tinker with