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LED timer circuit (fwd)

This is a bit off-topic, not really related to TCs, but I know there are
a lot of EE types lurking on the list and maybe have this circuit already
in their books or have some ideas how to do it.  I'm definitely not a big
believer in re-inventing the wheel when it may be published somewhere.
Chris Hooper uses LEDs to "edge light" some of his capacitor cases and
Tesla coil base supports.  Fired thru acrylic sheets they look
I seeking to fire 4 separate LED colors (group of 4 LEDs placed every 5
inches along perimeter --- one each red, green, blue, and violet--- of a
4 x 8 ft sheet of 3/8 inch thick acrylic plate.
Ideally, the circuit would slowly bring up the color of each LED with,
for example, the reds coming up 20%, blues up 60%, greens up 80% and
perhaps violet up 100%.  Each LED circuit triggered with a random
generator IC would cause the slowly changing colors to produce nearly 7
million color combinations --- each randomly changing.
Each super-bright LED I intend to use is rating for operation at around
3.8 VDC at 20 mA, so perhaps a good group of 4 independent 3-5 Amps power
transistor or MOSFETs could easly handle each color channel to trigger
all reds, greens, blues, and violets separately.
I know a 558 quad timer (Fairchild) which I have could handle the timer
functions, but not sure exactly how to engineer the rest of the circuit. 
My plan is to produce PCBs that can do everything on a single board
complete with heatsinks for the xsistors.
This project for a new "high tech" night club in my area.
I would appreciate help with any circuit diagrams you might have.  I know
this is commercially available but have never seen the circuit
published.  Since this is definitely not a Tesla topic, please contact me
Dr. Resonance   email:  resonance@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Resonance Research Corp.