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Re: Vegas pole pigs can't take the heat (fwd)

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Date: Fri, 06 Jul 2007 19:18:39 -0400
From: BRIAN FOLEY <ka1bbg@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: Re: Vegas pole pigs can't take the heat (fwd)

Hi, interesting,  originally they were sized for the estimated demand, i bet
if you measured the wattage they are actually running at peak demand, it
probably is more than twice rated. in this town we have 3 transformers
feeding 3 towns from here. the transformers were rated at 200 kva, those
caught on fire in the winter, were replaced by 450 kva, and this spring one
burned up so that one is now rated a550 kva and seems to working ok.
they take a lot of punishment. cul brian f.
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Subject: Vegas pole pigs can't take the heat (fwd)

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> Subject: Vegas pole pigs can't take the heat
> Hi all,
> Although this is not directly Tesla coil related, I thought that
> some of the collective knowledge of this list would be able
> to address this question, assuming that the moderator fore-
> bares to let this through. I noticed in the recent news that some
> of the pole transformers in Las Vegas were failing and catch-
> ing fire, supposedly due to the increased demand of running
> A/Cs. My question is that although 116*F is a bit warm, even
> by Las Vegas summer standards, Las Vegans (including their
> local electrical utility) are certainly no strangers to triple digit
> summer temperatures and I would think that the A/Cs are go-
> ing to be running a plenty whether it's 116*F or "only" a more
> typical 105*F.? I can see where the entire power grid, as a
> whole, would be under additional strain due to above average
> temperatures, but not the individual pole transformers, at least by
> that much. We coilers talk all of time about how pole pigs are built
> very robust and can easily handle 2 to 3 times their nameplate rating
> for short duty cycles and can even be ran like 50% above their
> nameplate rating continuously. It sounds to me like the said trans-
> formers in Las Vegas may have been a bit underrated to begin with and/
> or they may have been toward the end of, or even past their useful life
> cycle and the current heat wave may have been the "straw that broke
> the camel's back". Any more qualified comments?
> David Rieben
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