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Re: Line filter -- where to ground it?

Original poster: "resonance" <resonance@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

My 15/30 coil puts out a 20 inch spark. 36 inches would only be possible if you were using a 24 inch dia. sec coil.

With small nsts, since you don't have enough current to form a drive a large plasma, the usual equation for potential developed across an inductor applies, ie, -L x dI/dt. The more current you can feed an nst style TC the better it will perform.

Dr. Resonance

I am going to wire a line filter behind a neon sign transformer in
backwards, but where should I ground the filter to? The NST case, or
the mains ground?

The NST case is going to be grounded to the RF ground (I'm using a
Terry filter on the high voltage side.)

Also, out of curiosity, how long of a spark would you expect a 450
watt 15kV 30mA NST to realistically be able to put out?
DeepFriedNeon's calculator said 36" but that seems very long.